Twisted Chicksters emerged out of two sisters’ love of chickens and a collective creative spirit. Both Allison and Jennifer have had a love for animals since growing up a family farm in southwestern Michigan. There they cared for a variety of creatures, large and small – dogs (Gretta and Henry), cats (too many to name, as they multiplied quickly), pigs (Elmer and Irma, who was one of the sweetest pets they ever had), horses (smokey and flash), a black angus calf (Wooly), a dairy cow and her calf (Abigail and Frannie), as well as 9 hens and a rooster (a very disagreeable rooster, it should be noted)!   In addition to animals, they both had a great interest in arts and crafts of all types (as taught to them by their mother and grandmother).   Engaging in many handicrafts passed down (knitting, macramé, sewing, among others), Allison began to draw and paint, going on to attend Pratt Institute in New York City for Interior Architecture. She then spent her career in Retail Design and Construction. Jennifer followed a path of helping others as an Occupational Therapist, but always pursued a variety of crafts as a hobby (weaving and quilting, to name a couple more passionate endeavors).    After relocating to North Carolina, Allison decided to raise backyard chickens. Starting with 9 sexed pullet bantam chicks ordered online (one of which turned out to be a rooster – Prince Charming aka Princess Sofia). Within a year, chicks hatched and Jennifer became a backyard chicken keeper, as well. And so, the fun began – broody hens frequenting the broody buster, relocating of the flock to garage penthouse during a multitude of hurricanes and nor’easters (life in coastal North Carolina!!), attack dogs, chicken snakes living in nesting boxes snacking on eggs, and the list goes on, as any self-respecting chicken keeper can attest to.    With Christmas 2016 approaching, Allison got a whim to create chicken art ornaments.  She bought some wire and began to twist and bend. The first “Chickster” was born. She went on to create several more, which she gave to other chicken lovers. It was, however, the two she gave to Jennifer that ignited the idea for the sisterly partnership, Twisted Chicksters - chicken-inspired wire art!    Each piece of sculpted chicken artwork is handcrafted using a variety of wire, and then embellished with fibers, beads and other adornments selected to create each unique “Chickster” personality. Crafted with love and imagination, hens and roosters embody many different themes (gardening, the seasons, chicken breeds, special occasions, holidays, for example). Each has a distinct personality and is is given a name to match. We also welcome special requests, which  allow us to create a very special color or themed “Chickster” to order.